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Anna and the French Kiss

byStephanie Perkins.
*This is not the original cover but I like it better because it has a picture of St. Clair/Etienne.
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So this book kept me up until 5 am because I just had to finish reading it. It is a page turner. Summary: Anna is excited to finish her senior year in Atlanta with her bestfriend Bridgette and her potential boyfiriend named Toph. But her dad decides to send her to a boarding school in Paris called SOAP. But her first night there, she already met a new friend named Meredith and a handsome guy who introduced himself as Etienne. She soon finds out that Etienne is friends with Mer and that he was called St. Clair (His full name is Etienne St. Clair),  and that he has a girlfriend who goes to college near their school. She also met Josh and Rashmi. Anyways, the story is a mix of drama and romance. And I also found myself laughing during most parts of the story.

The story was actually kind of confusing also. St Clair's dating Ellie, and Meredith likes St. Clair so it makes things more difficult for Anna because she also likes St. Clair. It was going in circles and I didn't know what will happen in then ending because it was like Anna and St. Clair/Etienne are together, then they're not, then they are, and then they're together again, and then he acts like they're friends, then they slept together, and then he acts like that never happened and continues dating Ellie, so she dates another guy named Dave, she's friends with St. Clair again, and they kissed, and then he left her, and then she's in love with him and calls him Etienne... But I still kept on reading it because the story is intriguing. St. Clair/Etienne's mom has cancer, Etienne's and Anna's dads were crappy (but through the story, Anna will come to conclusion that her dad is not that bad of a father). But enough of that, they do end up together and they will even go to college together (not exactly but their colleges are 20 mins apart from each other). Wee. And I could not stop thinking about the story. It's an awesome story though. :) I LOVE ETIENNE. :D

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Sabado, Enero 5, 2013

Family Matters

My family is very important to me. Even my big brother. I don't show it a lot. My brother annoys me so much and sometimes I even find myself mad at him and hating him and I almost never get that angry, only at him. But when other people hurt my brother or even anyone in my family, I get more angry and upset. I won't go into details about what happened but during that time, when my relatives were bashing my brother, I got really protective of my kuya. Maybe it's also because I didn't think that they have enough of a good reason to punish him or because I think that it's unfair to team up against him or maybe because he IS my brother. And no matter what, even if I don't like to admit it, I love him. He's not the best, most of the time, I really don't like his bossiness but you'll find out that he plays a somewhat good role of being a big brother.

I just realized that my family is messed up. I'm happy with the family that I have now though, the people that I treat as my family. My mom, Layne, Kuya, Lalu, Ate Myrna, Kuya Martin, our dogs... I could not ask for more. I appreciate them so much. I love them for everything, most especially for making me who I am today. :)

Huwebes, Enero 3, 2013

The Fault in Our Stars

The Fault in Our Stars by John Green is a story that I will remember for a very long time. Just thinking of the book and searching for the photos would bring me this memory of the sadness and sweetness and the mixed feelings that I got while reading this magnificent book. I was not expecting much when I read the book, I just read for the fun of it thinking that I would be reading a normal romantic young adult book. But this was a shocker. I didn't know that I would be able to feel so much emotions, like I was with the characters experiencing the same things as they did. Most of all, I didn't expect to cry as much as I did and even after reading this, when I was retelling it to my mom and then to my grandmother and then to my sister, I still cried. This moved me so much and what made it so touching and special is that it happens in real life. People do have cancer, people do find love... It all feels so real and sad but so sweet at the same time. This book brings me a roller coaster of emotions but I don't regret reading it. I will never regret reading such a beautiful story. This deserves more than 5 stars for me. You feel the love. You feel the happiness. You feel the sorrow. The book is something that magnetizes you from the beginning to end, you won't be able to keep your eyes off of it. It is highly recommended! 

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I also have a pdf format of this ebook. :-)

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Rachel Hawthorne

My Ditapak (Innah) introduced me to the wonderful Rachel Hawthorne. :-)
I think we were in our 2nd year or 3rd year of high school when she bought Labor of Love and I instantly fell in love with the book and of course with the author. I tried to look for her books in bookstores but I never found any but thanks to technology, I got e-books. During Christmas Break, I reread Labor of Love and read Suite Dreams and The Boyfriend League. Rachel Hawthorne is an awesome writer who knows how to tug the heartstrings of young adults who are in search of cute, romantic stories. If you're searching for lighthearted stories that could make you smile, I recommend her books. I have most of her e-books in pdf format and I'd be happy to share them with you. :)

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Martes, Enero 1, 2013

I think I'm friend-love with you.

Found it on Tumblr and I just wanted to share it because it is relevant nowadays. This "friend-love" feeling and I think plenty of people are mistaking "being in love with a friend" with "friend-love", you know what I mean? They think that it is really the love that you want to do things like kiss and cuddle but  maybe what we're feeling is this friend-love. :-) Take time to read this. It's nice and cute. 

Credits: “I Think I Am In Friend-Love With You” written by and illustrated by Yumi Sakugawa, published in Sadie Magazine, 2012

The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight

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*SPOILER ALERT. (Do not read this if you want to read the book.)

I am NOT someone who would be able to recommend you any good book because my mind is biased on mostly chick-lit stories but this is such an adorable and fluffy story. I found it on goodreads and the title really caught my attention. And I was not disappointed when I decided to read this. It doesn't only revolve around Hadley and Oliver, but it also talks about family matters which I wasn't expecting. The two characters met at an airport, Hadley was to attend her father's wedding but she was 4 minutes late so she had to take the next trip to London. Little did she know that this would bring her to meet Oliver, a guy who would make her lose track of time, someone who made her laugh and forget about being claustrophobic, someone who's British...

As I said, it doesn't only revolve about two lovers, but it's also about family. How Hadley doesn't like his father's new wife and how she'll learn to accept her. And also about the somehow bitter story of Oliver and his father.

Anyway, I hope that this would make you curious about the book. If so, I have an ebook of TSPoLaFS. I'll happily send it to you.
Happy Reading! x

Some sentences/paragraphs from the book: